About G Boutique

g boutique is a concept developed by women, for women. g is a girlfriend thing! After talking to girlfriends about our frustrations at all of the sex stores being geared towards men, we decided to change the scene in Chicago. We were tired of going to 3 or 4 different stores to plan one evening of romance. We wanted to present beautiful lingerie and have erotica right there with it. We wanted a boutique where women were available to help us make choices and plan our romantic escapades. So in 2002 we created g, a place where you can feel comfortable shopping for fabulous lingerie, sex toys, books and dvds screened for female clientele, massage oils, lubes, whips, cuffs and more.

We built g for women. What we didn’t realize was how much men would love our little store. We learned that men love to get a women’s opinion when shopping for a surprise treat for their partner. We now have a loyal following of some of the greatest guys in Chicago.

After our first year, we decided to go live on the web so that we could offer our selection to more people. So come on in! Grab a cup of tea and a cookie, and begin browsing through our exquisite selection of lingerie, toys and gifts chosen especially for you. Browse alone or with your partner. We search the globe for products that will enhance a women’s life so, take your time and please email or call us with any questions, 773.235.1234. We believe in talking about sensuality and sexuality and are here guide you to the right products. Many people ask us why we opened g. Our answer…to help women feel good about themselves. So please explore our website, call us, and stop by the store when you are in Chicago.

Go Be Great.

Cheryl, Debra & Kari


What People are Saying!

  • "My husband will be thanking you for years to come." - Lisa, WI
  • "This class was amazing! I learned so many tricks to use in the bedroom. My future partners will thank you all in the long run!" - Sheila, IL
  • "This was such an awesome experience! I can't wait to try what I learned!" - Mallory, IN
  • ""We had a blast. My expectations were high, and the night exceeded them. Thank you!" - Amy, MI
  • "This has been the most informative and comfortable session about sex that I have ever had. I would come back again and again!" - Callie, WI
  • "This was wonderful! I can't wait to go home and share what I learned with my partner." - Nicole, Chicago